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The Union Hookah Sleek models have been around for a while on the Russian market and impress with their special design and great color variations! Whether in a simple wood design, with unusual weapon laminate models or with the very popular hybrid designs made of epoxy resin and stabilized wood, Union Hookah really has something for every hookah lover!

Base and material
Union Hookah shishas are mainly made of stainless steel on the inside. The jacket around the smoke column is made of either stabilized wood, weapon laminate, acrylic or epoxy resin. The manufacturer makes sure that only the best materials are used for the hookahs. The base of the Union Hookah Sleek is made of high-quality polyethylene on which the Union Hookah logo has been immortalized. In addition, there is a blow-out valve and a hose connection on the base, which is plugged into the base via an O-ring.

Column of smoke and design variants
The column of smoke in particular is a dream come true at Union Hookah! As already mentioned, there are many different materials that Union Hookah uses for the beautiful designs. It should be mentioned that the smoke column is completely traversed with a stainless steel pipe. The Acrylic Line consists, as the name suggests, of acrylic with the most beautiful colors you can imagine! The Pinecone Line is also made of acrylic, but here pine cones have also been incorporated into the acrylic. The Weapon Laminate Designs consist of very high quality, colored weapon laminate. Then there are the wonderfully hand-painted flower models, which are made of painted wood. The Standard, Exotic Wood and Volt versions of the Union Hookah Sleek also consist of different types of wood, which have either been colored or decorated with patterns. The most popular Union Hookahs are still the Stabilized Wood and the Hybrid versions. As the name suggests, the Stabilized Wood models are made of colored, stabilized wood. In addition to stabilized wood, the popular hybrid models also consist of acrylic and epoxy resin. The very large variety and the colorful selection make all Union Hookahs something special.

Charcoal plates, smoking properties and other accessories
The charcoal plate of the Union Hookah is kept very simple and is screwed tightly onto the smoke column using the head adapter. The new version of the Union Hookah Sleek has a kind of plug-in for the hose connection. This means that the associated hose connection is simply inserted into the base using O-rings. As is typical for Russian hookahs, the base is inserted into the glass with a seal. The immersion tube is screwed into the base from below and is of course made of stainless steel. The Shisha does not have a diffuser. What makes the Sleek version very interesting is that the smoking behavior is more like a traditional shisha. This is due to the slightly smaller diameter of the smoke column and immersion pipe, which results in a slightly stronger draft. Especially for fans who are not looking for a draft monster,

scope of delivery
Union Hookah Sleek
Charcoal plate
Head adapter
Column of smoke
Hose adapter (plug-in)
Immersion tube
Glass bowl
Technical specifications
Total height: approx. 55 cm
Bowl neck diameter: approx. 4.5 cm
Height of glass: approx. 27 cm
Material: stainless steel with acrylic, stabilized wood, weapon laminate or epoxy resin
Made in Russia

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