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Hookah MattPear Simple M

Hookah, which has become a real bestseller in the Russian and world markets for hookah equipment.
Over 52,917 Simple M units have been sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. A lot of people really love Simple M, and it's really cool.

Style element

The simplicity of design solutions makes Simple M a truly versatile hookah. This model is built into absolutely any interior and turns from high-quality hookah equipment into an irreplaceable element of style.

Stainless steel accents highlight the elegance of the shapes, and the hard, wear-resistant polyacetal allows us to produce this model in two colors - black and white.

Mine cone

Made in a classic form, it allows you to use any bowls: both ceramic and silicone.


Corrugated stainless steel, prevents coal from fading from below.

Compound shaft

Made of stainless steel with high quality polyacetal decorative trim. Available in two variations - Ball and Slim.

Hookah base

Made from high quality polyacetal.


Two couplings are pressed into the base, into which the ports are screwed to connect the purge valve and the connector with the hookah base.

MattPear Port

Magnetic ports connecting the purge valve and connector to the hookah base.


Stainless steel. Connects the upper shaft tube to the immersion tube.


Gives the smoking process softness. By crushing air fractions.

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