MattPear Mini M Ball


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Compact version of the standard size model. By proportionally reducing all the elements, it was possible to create a special hookah - miniature, graceful, but at the same time possessing a full-fledged classic traction.

With its stainless steel silhouette and surprising ease of use, the Mini M is highly regarded by customers, 90% of whom are experienced hookah owners.

Convenience and reliability

Hookah height - 41 cm. Easy to wash, store and disassemble. Every detail of the Mini M is made of high-tech AISI-304 stainless steel

Flask on seal or thread

The Mini M kit includes a high quality thickened glass flask, made in the Czech Republic specially for MattPear. The flask is connected to the hookah shaft with a seal. Compatible with Mini M hookah only. Attention! Handmade! Sometimes air bubbles are found in the finished blown glass product - this is not a defect. Each flask is handmade, so in some cases there may be bubbles or irregularities on the products.

Hookah weight: 3400 - 3650 g (depending on the type of shaft and flask)

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