Turbine Next Black


Now even faster and more innovative – the coals are ready in just 5 minutes!

Our NeXt hookah turbine features three NEW extra features   :

  • NEW  -> Coal does NOT have to be turned any more!
  • NEW ->  Flaps which are arranged at a precisely calculated angle below the spiral.
  • These “flaps” cause the air flow to be deflected from previously vertical (turbo) to a now circular, tornado-like air flow.
  • NEW  ->  A clean logo , which now looks stronger and more elegant.
  • an absolute  high-end stainless steel spiral , which is almost  indestructible and has  been improved again !
  • An  extraordinary paintwork  which shows magical color changes  in certain lighting conditions  .

The Shisha-Turbine® is an electric coal lighter for natural coals. The heating coil consists of a special, heat-resistant stainless steel. It was specially developed and manufactured for the Shisha-Turbine®.

The built-in fan creates the turbo effect:

  • Fast, smoke-free lighting and significantly better glowing of the coals
  • Time and electricity are also saved
  • The case temperature remains low.

The product is therefore much safer and more effective than the usual coal lighters on the market.
The Shisha-Turbine® holds approx. 10 pieces of natural coals.



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