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The best professional bowls for shisha.


The combination of a unique shape and materials makes it easy to cook delicious and smoky hookah.


  • - Height - 100 mm 
  • - The outer diameter is 88 mm 
  • - Internal diameter - 75 mm 
  • - Depth - 15 mm 
  • - Diameter of holes - 6 mm 
  • - Number of holes - 6 pcs 


Upgrade Form bowls are made of special faience and majolica composition, which was chosen to achieve optimal heating of tobacco, minimal burning, high strength, durability and resistance to temperature changes. Also, this clay has a white color after firing, which gives them a stylish and beautiful aesthetic appearance.
Heat Capacity

Excellent heat capacity is, first of all, in the qualitative heating of tobacco, the absence of burning to the walls, the duration of smoking. Even on the smallest cup of the Upgrade Form you can smoke up to 1.5 hours, which is a very good indicator.


As for capacity, these bowls include 12 to 20 grams of tobacco, which is the average "standard" indicator for many other bowls. More "air" padding allows you to enjoy a hookah alone or together, and a denser one allows you to make a hookah for a company of 3-4 people.


The bowls are deep, very evenly distribute the heat of the coals, so that the hookah smokes easily, pleasantly and for a long time. A good draft and ease is promoted by the number of holes - in the small bowl there are 6, in the large - 7. The diameter of the holes in the small bowl is visually about 4 mm, in the large bowl - slightly larger, about 5 mm. The presence of a protruding rim at the edges of the cup, allows you to securely fix the foil when piling.

The bowl in compatiable with Kaloud Lotus.

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