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With our Aladin Clones Captain hookah you get a medium-sized hookah with lots of accessories at a great price.

The hookah comes directly to you in a complete package with a lot of equipment and at a fair price.

A hookah that is ideal as the first hookah for beginners. No frills, just a complete set that is waiting to be used. So here you get a hookah that can also be taken quite comfortably to the park and thanks to the good standing surface it also finds a fairly firm stand.

With another, separately available, hose connection could be your Clones Captain, so that 2 hoses can be connected.

Directly with in the package you have, in addition to the hookah itself, a silicone hose set, as well as a chimney bowl set.
The hose set consists of a silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece and a kink protection.
The chimney bowl set consists of the Aladin Optimus Bowl Eco and a Mockingbird attachment.

Size: 47cm without bowl

- smoke column with click closure
- hose kink protection
- chimney bowl set
- silicone hose set
- charcoal tong

General notice:
Small air bubbles inside the glass may occur, what does not affect the function of the hookah. Accordingly, this is not a reason for complaint.
Each glass is unique and has an individual color gradient, so the product may differ from the picture.

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Βάρος 3 kg
Διαστάσεις 52 cm
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