Superior Gold


Ύψος: 67 cm
Βάρος: 3,3 kg
Διάμετρος αγγείου: 28 cm
Αφαιρούμενος διαχύτης
Προτεινόμενη χωρητικότητα πλήρωσης: 2,5 – 2,8 L

Χρώμα αγγείου: Διαυγές


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The Steamulation Superior Gold serves as proof of the German art of engineering. With its classy design, its innovative functions and its excellent workmanship the premium hookah Steamulation Superior Gold sets new standards. It is manufactured in the leading country in production and technology – Germany. Germany is renowned for highest precision and highest quality. Therefore, we produce the centrepiece of our hookah – the base station – in Germany. The base station is composed of aircraft aluminium and V4A stainless steel elements. Besides the base station, we also produce the mouthpiece, the stem, the dip tube and the diffusor in the German production plant. In a subsequent production step, all parts made of aluminium are anodized to create a flat-lustrous finish that is, furthermore, resistant to corrosion. After this anodic oxidation treatment, the products’ surfaces are as hard as sapphire and, thus, we can guarantee the longevity of our products. The hookah’s glassbowl is made of crystal glass and decorated with a rim of gold.

Ultimately, all the exclusive materials and pieces fall into place and shape our unique Steamulation hookah. It impresses with its clear and classy design.

Nevertheless, it is not only the visual appearance that makes the Steamulation Superior Gold a one-of-a-kind hookah: The new and innovative features optimize the handling and establish the basis for the maximized pleasure of smoking. The SteamClick connection system substitutes conventional screw closures and makes it possible to open or close the base station in the twinkling of an eye. It takes less than one second to complete the procedure. Except for being fast, the system is also safe and solid. Moreover, the click system facilitates the cleaning of the hookah, prevents calcifications and minimizes the wear of the parts. With its 360-degree function, the SteamClick offers another advantage: There is no more need to rotate the whole hookah in case you want to hand over the mouthpiece to the next person or in case you want to change places. The hose connections are rotatable through 360 degrees and, thereby, increase the comfort and create an even more relaxed atmosphere when smoking in a group.

The integrated valve technology is another remarkable feature of the Steamulation Superior Gold. It enables a completely new interior as well as exterior design and operates without an extra blow-off valve. The smoke can either be blown off or dragged via the hose connectors. By blowing once, the entire smoke is removed from the vase and fresh smoke streams into it. You do not need to compromise for the best taste anymore. For this purpose, Steamulation also developed special hose adapters replacing traditional rubber seals which often break or become yellow. The Steamulation hose adapters are characterized by their perfectly fitted conus. The hose can simply be put on the adapter without any sealing ring.

Steamulation combines elegance with highest quality and the power of innovation. Thus, Steamulation creates a new and modern generation of water pipes. Enjoy the advantages of Steamulation hookahs and experience an optimized handling as well as a maximized pleasure of smoking!

Optionally you can attatch a molasses catcher on top of the 18,8 connector of the smoke column.

Every water pipe has its own serial number.

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Βάρος 3,3 kg
Διαστάσεις 67 cm
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