Superior Black Matt


Ύψος: 67 cm
Βάρος: 3,3 kg
Διάμετρος αγγείου: 28 cm
Αφαιρούμενος διαχύτης
Προτεινόμενη χωρητικότητα πλήρωσης: 2,5 – 2,8 L

Χρώμα αγγείου: Διαυγές με ρίγες


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With its excellent workmanship, its innovative functions and its impressing design the Steamulation Superior Black Matt is unique in many respects. Only selected, top-quality materials are used for the production. In Germany, these materials are converted into a high-precision product of highest quality. The Steamulation Superior Black Matt features all the exclusive innovations developed by Steamulation: The base station constitutes the centrepiece of the hookah. It comprises the fastest and safest hookah connection system – the SteamClick – as wells as the 360°-rotation-system and the integrated valve technology. Besides first-rate quality and innovative functions, fascinating design plays a prominent role in laying the foundations for the unique smoking experience with Steamulation hookahs – the Steamulation Experience. The design of the Steamulation Superior Black Matt is characterized by its matt black aluminium surfaces and the Blackbowl. Subsequent to the fabrication, the high-quality aircraft aluminium is anodized to achieve corrosion resistance. After the anodic treatment, the degree of hardness of the aluminium surface is similar to the degree of hardness of a sapphire. The Steamulation Superior Black Matt is serially equipped with a Konus One Black mouthpiece which is also anodized and coloured matt black. With its conus shape, the Konus One can be inserted into unused hose connectors serving as a smart holding device then. Another distinctive feature of the Steamulation Superior Black Matt is the hand blown Steamulation Blackbowl. The bowl is made of crystal glass and features shiny black stripes flowing around its striking shape. This contrasty design creates the dynamic, but harmonious look of the Steamulation Superior Black Matt. A vision in black – the Steamulation Superior Black Matt.

Optionally you can attatch a molasses catcher on top of the 18,8 Connector of the smoke column.

Every water pipe has its own serialnumber.

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Βάρος 3,3 kg
Διαστάσεις 67 cm
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