Cut Clear IV ELOX 480CC Capsule Schwarz-Silber 2S



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Cut Clear ELOX 480CC Capsule Shishas have smoke column sets made of colored anodized aluminum. The base of the Lance Edition has 2 hose stations, one of which is equipped with an ELOX valve, the other with a hose connection with 18.8 mm ground joint adapter. The valve can be converted into a second hose connection with another ELOX CUT connection without reservation. The immersion pipe with diffuser end has an internal thread and is screwed through the base to the smoke column. It is provided with a screw-off cap. This can be removed with an Allen key to increase the noise level when smoking.

Capsule wooden smoke columns

The inner core of the smoke column is formed by an aluminum tube. The capsule ornament is placed over this. The starting material for the wooden shaft is solid wood (usually beech wood ) which is turned and colored in our company on site. It is artfully traversed by four slits that reveal the aluminum tube. The delicate, individual wood grain makes each capsule shaft unique. The ornamental shaft is not glued to the smoke column, but is held by the screw connection of the threaded parts. This has the advantage that it can be removed to clean the water pipe. In this way, the wood cannot be damaged by the action of water.

Hookah glass with click lock

The shisha glass is a 480CC glass. The downward flared bottle shape merges seamlessly into a total width of approx. 20 cm with a footprint of approx. 14 cm. The transparent glass enables the correct water level to be determined at any time. The shisha glass has a pronounced wall thickness and despite its size, a solid weight of around 1.3 kg. The glass is decorated with a bold, incised pattern. The pre-glued thread is a click closure that enables the hookah to be closed quickly and safely with less than half a turn. This simplifies the structure and reduces signs of wear and tear.

Beginner-friendly accessories

The delivery includes an easy-care silicone hose, an aluminum mouthpiece and a terracotta tobacco head with a matching head gasket. In addition, a chimney top attachment is included, which simplifies the handling of the coal and tobacco.

Note: Due to production, the delivered Shisha may differ slightly from the photo.

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